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Sunday, October 23, 2011
French Food in Thailand?

Farang Ses
Chef Dominique Bugnand

Salade Caprese

These are what I call Magic Mushrooms...

Escargots de Bourgogne au beurre d’ail

Homard Canadien

pot au feu

Crêpes Suzette

prepared at our table...

Profiteroles au chocolat chaud

Petit Four

The Resort.

14 - 16 October 2011

I am such a FAN...


The M.O is a huge 60-acre resort
with only 54 suites and 64 villas
and all the amenities you would expect
from the best resort you can ever conceive in your head!!

The massive lush space
and such few accommodations
means you are more likely to run into the hotel's staff than a resident!!

But the huge compound also means that you got to either
cycle or
call a buggy
to bring you for to the coffee house for breakfast!

Here I am on a bicycle
(which I fell off from and had 2 massive odd shaped bruises)

An organic garden and rice fields where the gardeners maintain and
you can even find some of the veggies in your dinner!

The Dheva Spa!
(Image from Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi)

Here is the deluxe villa with pool...
Yes... with a private pool... and lovely views of the rice fields...
(Image from Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi)

The Colonial Pool
(Image from Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi)

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Checking Into the M.O.

Dhara Dhevi
Chiang Mai

- 14-16 October 2011 -

Just as we collected our bags from the belt at Chiang Mai's International Airport,
a staff from Mandarin Oriental greeted us and showed us to our transport to our hotel....

You should seen my mum's face when we saw the car pull over!
A blue vintage Mercedes Benz stretch limo!

A short 20 minute drive brought us to the hotel's lobby for our check in...
which we did over tea and cold tamarind scented towels
over the lounge chairs in the majestic lobby...

Then, we were taken to our suite in a buggy!
(No, I didn't get to drive... we had a driver)

The buggy pulling up at the colonial suite building...

Our room was on the second floor...

When our butler opened the door...
I gasped....
Our suite was huge...
1415 sqf Deluxe Colonial Suite -
One of the smaller accommodations on the hotel's estate!!!

On the right of the hall way is the powder room...

And the mini bar before leading to the living room...

A lovely console table faces the mini bar...
With fresh florals!

The amazing living room of the suite...

Complimentary fruit and wine....
as well as a greeting card from the hotel's manager...

The bed room...
With its own seating area...

Daddy channel surfing....
The amazingly huge toilet...
which is larger than my room!!!

Shower room...


And a huge balcony with outdoor dining area...
And an amazing view!!

This is one of the largest and best suites I have ever been in....
the views were breath taking...
All i wanted to do was to spend all my time in the lovely suite!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The geek inside me is emerging....
I want to crochet so I can create
Parabolic Hyperbolas

Sunday, September 18, 2011

893 Bukit Timah Road

My cousin's husband and I have this arrangement where we meet up for a meal once a month and
take turns to select good eateries in Singapore.
Last time we did it,
I brought him to L'Entrecote and this time,
he introduced me to a Greek restaurant -

This unsuspecting place is amazing... with the best thick and rich olive oil I have ever tasted. To be honest, I have never had much experience eating at a greek place (other than a soulvaki here and there in Lygon Street in Melbourne, Australia). Thanks to Steve for taking me here to try more Greek food.... I really enjoyed their salads and mezedes!

Unfortunately, I did not get to check out their little store...
I will have to wait till the next time I visit the eatery!!

Since it was just the both of us, we skipped the mains and opted for a variety of mezedes, a salad and some pita, as well as a bottle of Chardonnay from Greece!

Greek beef patties served with a yogurt dill sauce

Red Peppers stuffed with spicy feta cheese

Pita Bread
Grilled pita bread with sea salt and paprika

Yogurt mixed with cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and garlic

Greek Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives and green pepper,
topped with extra virgin olive oil and organic vinegar


Marina Bay

Last Thursday,
my colleagues and I had an awesome opportunity to take a short sailing lesson
& ride on the Audi Ultra at Marina Bay.

After that, a couple of us hung out at the Verve Pizzeria for some dinner...

I thought their pizza was ok...
But the bruschetta was AMAZING

Monday, September 5, 2011
French Restaurant, Hanoi Vietnam

by Didier Corlou

'19 Ngo Van So

mon père

Cordier Sauternes Collection Privée, 2007


foie gras et fruits de la passion de jus

grillades de crevettes


Red Tuna

glace à la vanille à la citronnelle

profiterole au chocolat